First Circular — 25 November 2015

(second circular)
Dear Colleagues,

 We are pleased to announce that the 14th International Conference
 on Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon (MENU 2016)
 will be held in Kyoto, Japan, on July 25-30, 2016.

 If you have any questions, please contact below:
 The conference continues a series held previously in Karlsruhe (1983),
 Los Alamos (1987), Gatchina/Leningrad (1989), Bad Honnef (1991),
 Boulder (1993), Blaubeuren (1995), Vancouver (1997), Zuoz (1999),
 Washington DC (2001), Beijing (2004) ,Juelich (2007),
 Williamsburg (2010) and Rome (2013).
 Scientific Topics
 The scientific program of the conference will cover experimental
 and theoretical developments in the field of meson and nucleon
 physics, in particular: 

    Meson-Nucleon Interactions
    Hadron Spectroscopy
    Nucleon Structure
    Few Body Systems
    Fundamental Symmetries
    Electroweak Probes
    Future Facilities and Directions

 Venue and Period
 The conference will be held at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall,
 Kyoto University.
 The conference session will start at 10:00 am on Tuesday, July 26 ,
 and end on Saturday, July 30.
 On July 25, welcome reception and registration will be held in evening.

 Important Dates
  Second circular                     : Mar 01, 2016
  Registration open                   : Mar 01, 2016
  Abstract deadline                   : Apr 25, 2016
  Notification for contribution talks : May 15, 2016

  Welcome reception and registration  : July 25,2016
  Conference dates:                   : July 26-30, 2016

 A number of rooms in various hotels in Kyoto City
    (~7000 - 13000 yen per night for single room)
 are pre-booked and can be reserved on-line through the travel
 agency web page (NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY Co., LTD.) at the registration.

 July is the high season in Kyoto as explained below,
 thus, hotel reservation in just before, June and July,
 will be difficult.
 We recommend reservation via the page, or book by yourself ASAP.

 A list of the hotels with further details will be made available
 on the web site announced by the second circular.

 About Kyoto
 Kyoto is the famaous historic and tourist city, which is
 old captial of Japan. It is also an educational city which
 have many universities after modernization.
 In July, the "Gion Matsuri", one of the most famous festival in Japan,
 is held in Kyoto.  For example, see
 The festival starts on July 1st and continues until
 July 31. Particularly, "Yamahoko-junko", parade of decorated floats,
 held in July 17 and 24, is the highlight of the festival.
 It is good idea to come to Kyoto a few days earlier than
 the conference to enjoy the festival.

 International Advisory Committee

 Mauro Anselmino       (INFN-Torino)
 David Armstrong       (William & Mary)
 Nora Brambilla        (TU-Munchen)
 Stanley J. Brodsky    (SLAC, Stanford)
 Volker Burkert        (JLab)
 Annalisa D'Angelo     (INFN Roma Tor Vergata)
 Simon Eidelman        (Novosibirsk)
 Paola Gianotti        (INFN-LNF)
 Michel Guidal         (IN2P3/Orsay)
 Ken'ichi Imai         (Kyoto/JAEA)
 Eberhard Klempt       (Bonn)
 Shunzo Kumano         (KEK)
 Teiji Kunihiro        (Kyoto)
 Matthias F. M. Lutz   (GSI/TU-Darmstadt)
 Brian Meadows         (Cincinnati)
 Ulf-G. Meissner       (Bonn/Juelich)
 Barbara Pasquini      (INFN-Pavia)
 Klaus Peters          (GSI/Frankfurt)
 Marco Ripani          (INFN-Genova)
 Craig Roberts         (ANL)
 Guenther Rosner       (FAIR)
 Patrizia Rossi        (JLab & LNF-INFN)
 Elena Santopinto      (INFN-Genova)
 Andreas Schaefer      (Regensburg)
 Hans Stroeher         (Juelich)
 Lothar Tiator         (Mainz)
 Willem van Oers       (TRIUMF/Manitoba)
 Fan Wang              (Nanjing)
 Shin-Nan Yang         (Taiwan)
 Bing-Song Zou         (ITP/CAS)