Scientific Programs

Tentative Timetable

Morning Afternoon Evening
July 25 (Mon) - - Registration / welcome drink
July 26 (Tue) Plenary Parallel -
July 27 (Wed) Plenary Parallel Conference dinner
July 28 (Thu) Plenary (Free for sightseeing) -
July 29 (Fri) Plenary Parallel -
July 30 (Sat) Plenary Plenary -
(as of June, 8th)

Invited Speakers for the plenary session

Confirmed as of June 26
  • Reinhard Beck
  • Baryon Spectroscopy: Recent Results from ELSA
  • Marco Contalbrigo
  • Review of TMD measurements
  • Raffaella De Vita
    (INFN Genova)
  • Physics program with CLAS12
  • Shuangshi Fang
  • Progress on light meson spectroscopy at BESIII
  • Zoltan Fodor
  • Lattice result on the neutron-proton mass differences
  • Ralf Gothe
    (South Carolina)
  • Nucleon Resonances and their Structure
  • Yoshitaka Hatta
  • Recent developments in nucleon spin decomposition
  • Yoichi Ikeda
  • Zc(3900) from Lattice QCD simulation
  • Taku Izubuchi
  • Search for beyond standard modeland QCD
  • Hiroyuki Kamano
  • Modern dynamical coupled-channels calculations for extracting and understanding the nucleon spectrum
  • Peter Kroll
  • The exclusive Drell-Yan process and deeply virtual pion production
  • Marcin Kucharczyk
    (Polish Academy)
  • LHCb results on pentaquark search
  • Dmitri Liventsev
    (Virginia Tech)
  • The Belle-II experiment
  • Johan Messchendorp
  • The PANDA experiment at FAIR
  • Kenkichi Miyabayashi
    (Nara WU)
  • XYZ resonances at the Belle experiment
  • Pawel Moskal
    (Jagiellonian Univ.)
  • Recent results from WASA-at-COSY
  • Hideko Nagahiro
    (Nara WU)
  • Formation of possible η′(958)-nucleus bound states and η′N interaction
  • Itaru Nakagawa
  • Review on recent results from RHIC polarized Collider; unexpected forward neutron asymmetry
  • Takashi Nakano
  • Recent resultsf from LEPS
  • Hiroyuki Noumi
  • Physics in J-PARC Hadron-hall extension
  • Stephan Paul
  • Hadron spectroscopy with COMPASS
  • Ruediger Picker
  • How the minuscule contributes to the big picture: the neutron electric dipole moment
  • Jianwei Qiu
  • Review of GPD and TMD
  • Fuminori Sakuma
  • KbarNN bound state search at J-PARC
  • Reinhard Schumacher
  • Baryon Spectroscopy with Electromagnetic Probes
  • Rik Yoshida
  • Electron-Ion collider
  • Qiang Zhao
  • Threshold and kinematic effects for the exotic Resonance-like structures
  • B.S.Zou
  • Hidden charm pentaquarks