VISA Information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, see this page and this page.

Procedure to Obtain VISA

It is your responsibility to make appropriate action to obtain the VISA on time.
Note: We will prepare necessary papers for VISA application only for participant.
         : Please prepare for accompany persons by yourself.
  1. Send us the complete VISA information form indicated below no later than June 15, 2016.
  2. Bring the received documents from us and the MENU2016 information (poster, web page etc) to your nearest Embassy of Japan/Consulate-General in YOUR HOME COUNTRY for VISA application.
  1. It takes 7-14 days for the MENU2016 Secretariat to precess official documents for VISA application after receiving your VISA information form.
  2. Depending on the postal situation outside of Japan, the documents are on the air and/or ground in 10-14 days, so that it may take 4 weeks for the documents to reach you after you send us the VISA information form.
  3. The Japanese VISA is not an open VISA. You have to reserve an airplane and a hotel at first.
  4. It sometimes takes more than a month to obtain a VISA after the application.

VISA Information Form

To start the process above, send us the VISA information form + photo-copy of your passport (pages with your photo and passport number) to no later than June 15, 2016. Please download this Visa information form; EXCEL format or PDF format.


The MENU2016 Secretariat will use the personal information (name of applicant, contact information, email address) only for the purposes of VISA applying documentation to enter Japan. The said information will not be employed beyond this scope of intended use. Personal information will never be provided to third parties and will be strictly supervised to ensure the proper handling by the MENU2016 secretariat.