Final Circular — 20 July 2016

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Dear participants of the MENU2016 conference,

We are sending you the final circular of MENU2016.
Please take care of your trip.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Kyoto next week.

MENU2016 Organizers

MENU2016 Final Circular
 July 25-30, 2016, Kyoto, JAPAN

- All-in-one booklet
  which includes the program and useful practical information 
  will be distributed to the participants in the conference kit.
  The pdf version is also available at;

- Program on Indico can be accessed at;
  Every talk slot on the table includes 5-min discussion, namely,
  Plenary: 35+5min, Parallel: 30+5 (Keynote talk) or 25+5 min.

- Presenters
  are asked to post their slides to the Indico.
  Upload instructions will be sent by e-mail to each presenter.
  Slides should be pdf or ppt format, accessible by the 
  conference PC(Windows 7).
  The usage of individual's PC is not allowed.

- Travel preparation
  Typical temperature of Kyoto in this season is over 30 degrees Celsius.
  Access information for the Kyoto city and the conference site 
  is on the page:

- Wireless network
  The eduroam wireless LAN service is available at the conference site.
  Guest account tickets for non-eduroam members also available at the site.

- Welcome drink and registration : 7/25(Mon)
  Registration desk will open on July 25 16:00,
  in the 2nd floor of the conference site (Clock Tower).
  Welcome drink will served during 17:00-19:00, at the same place.
  Please get together, register and receive the conference kit,
  which includes your name tag and a program booklet.

- The conference site (Clock Tower, Kyoto University)
  will open just at 9:00 everyday.
  Session starts 9:40 on July 26(Tue), and 9:15 Wed-Sat.

- Registration on-site
  Registration desk will open at 9:10 on July 26(Tue),
  and 10:00 Wed-Sat. Please receive your conference kit at the desk.

- Lunch
  Lunch map, which includes the university cafeteria and local
  restaurants, is available on the booklet, and also at the page:

- Conference dinner (Banquet)
  is held at 18:00 on July 27(Wed), at the restaurant SODOH Higashiyama,
  near the Kodai-ji temple. 
  Night-guided tour of Kodai-ji temple is scheduled after the dinner,
  Your name-tag is your ticket for the banquet and the tour.

- Conference photo
  will be taken on the noon July 28(Thu).

- Free afternoon 7/28(Thu)
  For your sight seeing, no session is planned in the 
  afternoon of July 28.

- Receipt for Accomodation   [added on July 23]
  reserved through the NTA system 
  can be received at the NTA desk (2F) during Mon-Wed.

- Emergency:
  If you need an urgent help, call 090-4541-6621, which is
  the mobile phone of the organizers during the conference.

- Post workshop MIN16
  will be held during July 31-August 2, at YITP, Kyoto University.
  The map from Clock Tower to YITP is available as: