Practical Info

A booklet for participants is available onsite. This PDF version (36 MB) could be useful to you.

Lunch Map

There are several university cafeterias (cash only) around the conference hall. You can find them in the Google map below.

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ATM, Pharmacy & Hospital

ATM @ Post Office: International ATM Service is available. You can withdraw Japanese cash from Japan Post Bank ATMs with credit card or cash card published by overseas institution. At Hyakumanben post office, ATM service hours are 8:00-21:00 from Monday to Friday and 9:00-19:00 on Holidays. Please check this Japan Post Bank webpage for details.

ATM @ 7-Eleven (convenience store): You can withdraw Japanese cash from ATMs at 7-Eleven stores. Seven Bank ATMs are installed in International Airport store, Demachiyamagi-ekimae store, etc. They are open almost for 24 hours, varying with credit card companies. Please check this Seven Bank webpage for details.

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